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Bazar is the premier private marketplace for intelligent and customized buying of overstock and returned inventory from top brands to niche players. Everything 70-95% off retail, with various buying options to suit your needs.

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Pay at your own pace. Sell the inventory you purchase for two full fiscal months before paying your Bazar invoice. *upon approval*

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Only the best on Bazar—think products never before seen on other marketplace platforms. Buy directly from brands that are dominating the retail space.

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Your purchase? Transparent. Your transaction? Secure. Your information and privacy? Protected, always.

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The modern and smart marketplace for sourcing overstock inventory from top brands at 70-95% off

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Supercharge your business with Bazar

We are the platform for buying & selling: ✔️ shelf-pulls ✔️ returns ✔️ overstock ✔️ deadstock ✔️ liquidation

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Supported by world class investors and operators

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